About Us

Viewworld is a software company who specializes in setting up automated data analysis and visualization solutions for NGOs, foundations and organizations all around the globe. As our core service we offer a state of the art mobile data collection platform which allows users to easily design, collect and store large amounts of data in an as optimal and effective process as possible.

Viewworld’s backbone is a team of dedicated individuals all with a solid background in the aid-sector. From managers to supporters, all staff in Viewworld are simultaneously active as volunteers in various NGOs and organizations, many in our own NGO “We-Aid” – an organization focusing on business related education, mainly in east Africa. You can read much more about We-Aid’s work here.

It is important to us that we all actively take part in aid work, since it helps us align with our customers train of thought, keeps us up to date on relevant developments in the business, the latest trends in tech and gives us the sense of purpose needed to keep us hungry for positive change.

“In Viewworld we believe in quality over quantity, we, as a team, commit fully and wholeheartedly to every task that we’re given, because we understand that optimizing an aid organizations workflow will have an immediate and lasting positive impact on the work they carry out, and thereby the lives which it touches. We are proud of the work we do in that sense.”

Our mission

  • Go beyond our own capabilities as individuals by excelling as a team
  • Introducing revolutionary new software to the aid industries
  • To leave a positive mark in the world
  • Challenge the general perception of software development by offering premium quality at budget costs
  • Accumulating enough knowledge to be able to move people and opinions
  • Improve the lives of as many as possible by assisting NGOs, organizations and foundations reaching new levels of process optimization

How we work

viewworld unleash the power of mobile data collection

company history

Viewworld was founded by Christian Friis Bach in 2010 as an innovation for development initiative, involving the University of Aalborg/Denmark, Private Sector IT and NGOs in Denmark. Friis Bach was later appointed Minister for Development Cooperation in Denmark.

Viewworld was created to help organizations in the aid sector become more fluent in their data collection processes and allowing them to achieve more structure and become more transparent by providing a more modern alternative to the, at the time, dominating pen-and-paper collection methods.

  • 2018

    Viewworld 2.1

    Viewworld is currently working on a complete platform upgrade that will completely redesign the look and feel of the Viewworld web-console and mobile apps. A big step for Viewworld, which we believe will allow us to reach the forefront of innovative thinking regarding mobile data collection and data management as a whole. Stay tuned…

  • 2017

    Stories of Change

    Viewworld partners up with Dutch/Ugandan company EyeOpenerWorks, to offer clients and partners a new combined effort called SCOPE, a Full M&E solution offering full set-up and creation of M&E programs, data collection, training programs, organizational capacity building, including data analysis and data visualization platform design. As icing on the cake, Viewworld starts offering customers and partners EyeOpenerWorks’ flagship program “Stories of Change” which is a combination of teaching organizations to produce their own promotion films as well as bolstering organizations online presence by offering professional films and stories about current projects.

  • 2016

    Collect, analyze, visualize

    After attending the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul, Viewworld decides to shift focus from solely offering data collection to starting to provide full software solutions handling the 3 pillars of data collection; Data collection, data analysis and data visualization in one tailored automatic process. That first-year partnerships with Vodafone foundation, UNHCR and AVSI are established and the first fully tailored solutions are made. BOLD = Link to portfolio.

  • 2015

    1000 observations/month milestone

    Viewworld moves to new and larger offices in the center of Copenhagen, focusing on establishing more new partnerships and nurturing existing ones. Viewworld reaches more than a thousand observations submitted monthly and includes organizations such as Danish Mission Council and BESTSELLER into the Viewworld family.

  • 2014

    New owners, new strategy

    Viewworld is acquired by Jimpax ApS. Current owner Niels Holst is appointed new CEO. New owners mean a new strategy for Viewworld and the company takes its first step towards greater focus on individual solutions, tailored to fit specific outputs and larger quantities of automatic data processing, visualization and analysis.

  • 2013

    New innovation and new partners

    2013 becomes a year of innovation. Viewworld is rapidly expanding both in terms of new features, such as QR scanner, and video capturing and in terms of team members, with the team reaching an all-time high at 6 full time employees and 6 freelance partners across the globe. New customers also arrive and Viewworld welcomes WWF Uganda, WaterAid, US Aid and many more.

  • 2012

    Viewworld 2.0

    Viewworld releases platform version 2.0, taking Viewworld from an ODK based platform to the more flexible Ruby on Rails. One of the first to adapt the new Viewworld platform is CARE International, teaming up with Viewworld to tailor the platform to fit the requirements of the VSLA (Village Savings and Loans) program.

  • 2011

    ODK Platform Launch

    The first Viewworld mobile data collection platform is released. The platform is designed on the open source system ODK and provides a simple and effective alternative to the classic pen-and-paper data. collection methods. The platform is quickly adapted by organizations such as; Danish Red Cross, Danish Refugee Council and many more.

  • 2010

    Viewworld sees the light of day

    Viewworld sees the light of day on the 9th of September 2010 at a big event in Copenhagen. NGOs, public offices and private institutions attend the opening ceremony.

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