water for cambodia interview via tablet and viewworld's app

Interview: Water for Cambodia

Cambodian NGO Water for Cambodia has adopted ViewWorld as their tool for mobile data collection. We asked Programs Manager, Nthabeleng Emmel, about their use and experience with mobile data collection. Read more about Water for Cambodia and their project for providing safe drinking water to the rural population of Cambodia here. Every donation counts!

What is the main purpose of Water for Cambodia?

WFC provides clean/safe drinking water to the rural communities who are mostly poor and have no access to clean/safe drinking water. We do this through our Bio Sand Filter project which is a simple filtration system, easy to use and maintain with no extra costs. Literacy, Hygiene and Sanitation education is part of WFC’s program to ensure that families do not only receive the filters, but the education to maintain a clean environment to avoid recontamination of the filtered water. A water testing lab has been maintained to monitor the efficiency of the filters and to help improve our program.

Can you give a short description on how you used the system and to what specific purpose?

We have used ViewWorld console to design questionnaires appropriate and relevant for our M&E (read more about Viewworld M&E services here) of old filters which were installed at least six years ago. This activity helps us to ensure quality of our services and measure the impact our program has on the rural communities of Siem Reap province.

How did your field staff find this method of data collection?

Exciting and as motivation to do better in their jobs.

What was the main obstacle adapting to a new way of collecting data?

No major ones, at the beginning they had to get used to using this kind of technology, once they got it, there was no turning back.

Were there any benefits for the field staff?

This method helped our team to safe time in filling out a lot of forms, easy to collect data within a very short period of time, which in turn allows us to reach out to more families, and has reduced time in compiling and putting together the data into the system (the automatic upload once connected to the internet).

Did you get any information that you’d otherwise not have?

No, most of what we got was very useful.

Did the process using ViewWorld save you any time/money/staff/frustration?

Yes, as mentioned earlier, it saved us a lot of time and we have been able to cover a lot within a short period of time. No more frustration in doing all the paper work but rather motivation to work.

If there was an old way of collecting – what did it replace?

The old way was time consuming and a lot of forms to fill out and unnecessary information which we did not use or need. It took time to put the information collected into our system for data analysis which caused delays in submission of reports. Since the use of View World, we do not need to worry about all these as we are keeping time and less paper work.

Who will use the data that you collected?

The data helps us monitor the efficiency of our BSF, improve our program and to evaluate the impact our program is having on our beneficiaries. The data is also shared with other institutions that are interested in learning more about our filters and any other information that may be necessary.

What is the next step in the project?

We will be completing our next batch of old filters in December and will continue monitoring our program using the same system.