Agribusiness Development Centre

Agribusiness Development Centre
July 2018

The Agribusiness development Centre (ADC) Results platform is an advanced platform for visualization and analysis of a large variety of indicators covering ADC’s interventions with Farmer based cooperatives (FBO’s) and their members. The platform was designed to assist ADC in continuously optimizing their efforts by having real-time insight into the progress of trainings and educational activities.

All data documenting the ADC interventions is collected by business administrators and coaches through the Viewworld Mobile Data Collection app, where it is verified and approved by admins. The app captures all key indicators as well as GPS location and images.

  • Collect and verify data – Using Viewworld’s mobile data collection platform
  • View and analyse results – Utilizing tailored visualization
  • Manage trainings and interventions – Manage individual beneficiary skilling
  • Tailored dashboard – Easy access to accumulated results

View and analyse data

All collected data is visualized in real-time through the “FBO list view” and the “FBO- single organization view”. Admins can take advantage of powerful features such as detailed search, extensive sorting options and filtered exports in multiple formats – ensuring immediate detailed insight into key indicators.

Access individual beneficiary results

The “members – list view” and “single member view” allows admins to dive into the details of the data set and analyse individual progress over time as well as trainings attended and more. When paired with the platforms automatic visualization of larger accumulated results on the platform full projects transparency is achieved.


The ADC platforms dashboard, showcases all key indicators identified by ADC in an easy to read overview allowing for an informed insight into project findings and developments. The dashboard is tailored to fit ADC’s specific requirements for analysis and completely automates an otherwise manual process of collecting visualizing and analyzing results.

Manage users

ADC admins have access to a user management module that allow them to create and manage users. The too different user roles “admin” and “business advisor” allow for custom access levels to sensitive information, notifications and more.

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