Vodafone Foundation / UNHCR – “Instant Network Schools”

Vodafone Foundation / UNHCR
November 2017

The Vodafone Foundation/UNHCR Instant Network Schools platform is an advanced platform for visualization and analysis of a large variety of indicators covering the extensive INS educational program, across a number of educational activities in refugee camps in Africa.

The platform was designed to assist the two organisations in continuously optimizing their efforts by having real time insight into their processes and enabling project improvements based on accumulated knowledge. Furthermore the platform allows all involved managers and coaches to share stories, report incidents and achieve insight into their own impact as well as that of their colleagues.

  • Collect and Verify Data/Semplice – Article and News research
  • View and Compare Results – For up to five locations simultaneously
  • Report Incidents – Report and react to incidents
  • Receive Activity Notifications – Individual daily email reports based on user levels

Data Collection and Verification

All data documenting the INS program is collected by program managers and coaches through the Viewworld Mobile Data Collection app, where it is verified and approved by admins. The app captures all key indicators as well as GPS location and images.

instant network schools camp distribution map

View and Compare Results

All collected data is visualized in real-time through the “Report” and “Compare” pages. Users can take advantage of time- and location specific searches for immediate insight into key indicators and react to trends and developments, both short-term and long-term.

instant network schools line chart
instant network schools classes graph educational content

Create and Share Stories

The organisational Blog Page allows all users to create blogs and share stories and developments from their specific locations. When a blog post is approved by an admin, an email is sent to all users telling them that there is a new story ready to read.

instant network schools blog page

Report Incidents

An incident reporting page allows coaches and managers to report any incident that requires attention from central management. Information such as location, urgency and information text is all entered in the Viewworld mobile app and added to the submission.

Receive Automated Activity Notifications

The platform notification feature is designed to keep everyone informed about project activities. Coaches are informed about their daily activities, managers receive reports concerning their locations and admins receive notifications when a new blog post is ready for approval or an incident has occurred.

instant network schools automated email notification data collection overview

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