Danish Mission Council – “Map Builder”

Vodafone Foundation / UNHCR
November 2017
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The Danish Mission Council Map Builder is created to allow users to build detailed custom maps utilizing data collected through the Viewworld Mobile Data Collection app.The Map

Builder includes a search function and can be embedded onto any website and thereby allowing all users to showcase their results quickly and easily, making sure that both internal staff and external audiences such as donors, are aware of project developments in real time.

  • Collect Data/Semplice – Through Viewworld’s Mobile Data Collection app
  • Capture GPS Location – Ensure GEO-tagging in the Viewworld Form Builder
  • Customize Maps – Choose data to visualize, change the design.
  • Share Maps – Embed on any website or application

Collect Data and Capture GPS

Utilizing the Viewworld Mobile Data Collection app, Danish Mission Council’s users capture diverse data in the field including GPS and images. After verifying data quality, managers can start designing custom maps.

map builder geo tagged world map

Build Maps

The Map Builder allows users to follow steps to choose specific data from their data set to include in their embedded maps. The steps are: Create new map > Choose groups > Choose forms > Choose search fields > Publish map.

map builder building a map choose group
map builder building a map choose form
map builder building a map choose fields

Publish Maps

The last step of the Map Builder allows users to name their map, choose map size and to choose layout from a variety of different tilesets. When the steps are completed, the map can be embedded onto the required web media.

viewworld map builder geo tagging mobile data collection

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