Data Visualization

Viewworld assists organisations in creating tailored visualization platforms, designed to provide complete and automated data overview for process management and organisational improvement.

Visualize Data in Real Time

Discover Trends

Visualizing data allows organisations to quickly and efficiently discover and react to project trends and developments.

Stay Ahead of Developments

Organizations that utilize data visualization, improves process management and promotes transparency.

Achieve Greater Insight

Insight through data visualization allows organisations to improve faster, ensure project success and optimized efficiency.

Optimize Processes

Data visualization is an important tool for process optimization. Data-based knowledge allows for objective analysis and improvement.

Share Results

Sharing results internally in organisations as well as with external audiences allows for deeper impact and better understanding.

Get Feedback

A continuous flow of feedback makes organisations perform better and evolve faster. Data visualization enables project understanding.

Better Insight Creates Better Projects Improve data visualization with Viewworld

Advanced Charts

Collecting data, optimizing analytic processes and tailoring visualization, creates better workflows and enables faster learning. The implementation of advanced charts based on a continuous stream of live data is key to successful projects. Viewworld works with a variety of data sources such as:

  • SQL Databases – Article and News research
  • JSON/CSV/XLS – Company and Industry Research
  • Custom APIs – Company and Industry Research
  • M&E Reports – something something
  • Project Statistics – Company, Industry, Market Research
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Interactive Maps

Visualizing data on maps is an important factor for any organisation that carries out projects in numerous geographical locations. Having the ability to retain an overview over time, enables the ability to stay ahead of project developments and trends. Viewworld assists organisations in visualizing data and provides GIS features such as:

Share and Embed Maps

Viewworld allow users to share and embed maps on any website or web application.

Search and Filter Data

Advanced and tailored search and filtration options enables deeper understanding of map data.

Customize Design

Custom design options allow for seamless integration of map data into existing platforms.

View Across Platforms

Take advantage of multiplatform sharing. With Viewworld, maps can be visualized through any media.

Real-Time Infographics

Infographics are a powerful resource when working in any data driven process. Infographics allow organisations to stay ahead of developments and to handle complicated processes more efficiently by having easy access to key data and statistics in real-time. Viewworld provides infographic services such as:

Statistical - Easy to understand statistical infographics provide organisations with immediate overview of any process.

Informational - Visualization of advanced data sets through informational infographics enables organisational improvement.

Geographical - Enable learnings by visualizing GIS data through geographical infographics.

real time infographic data vizualization services with viewworld

Tailored Dashboards

By combining the 3 elements: Advanced charts, interactive maps and real-time infographics into one tailored dashboard, organisations create highly automated workflows and achieve greater transparency, easily predict developments and ultimately optimize resource management.

Achieve Overview

Tailored organisational dashboards simplifies data handling and enable streamlined analytical processes.

Optimize Workflows

Fast access to dashboard visualization of data, allows for better workflows and optimized learning.

Promote Transparency

Results sharing and visualization, promotes inter-organizational transparency and enables improvement.

Save Resources

By gathering all data needs into one tailored solution, organisations stay cost-efficient and effective.

ipad iphone data visualization and graph creation

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