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Unleash the power of mobile data collection, create surveys and improve data quality with Viewworld.

viewworld console and app for test creation and mobile data collection

Viewworld Makes Data Collection Simple

Create Groups and Users

Manage your organizational hierarchy by creating groups and users. Define user roles and add or remove accesses individually.

Build Forms

Create and manage forms fast and efficiently with Viewworld’s easy-to-use drag’n’drop Form Builder. Choose between multiple input features.

Collect Data

Deploy forms and collect data both online and offline. Capture GPS, text and media files through Viewworld’s seamless mobile app interface.

Verify Data Quality

Verify observations using Viewworld’s “Inbox” feature, allowing admins to approve, edit or decline observations, ensure data quality.

Analyze Data

Filter and export data to .csv or .xml or let Viewworld create an automatic and tailored analysis process for your organization.

Visualize Results

Explore tailored and customized real-time visualization platforms, allowing for an easy overview of project results and progress.

Configure the Viewworld web-console for any type of project

The Viewworld web-console allows you to design surveys and create and manage users to fit any data collection format, while staying ahead of project development by receiving and verifying observations in real-time. Results are available and distributed through the Viewworld Feed Service to any web media, online map or further modeling.

The Viewworld web-console offers a variety of powerful features:

  • Organizational Hierarchy
  • Drag’n’drop Form Builder
  • Online/Offline Data Collection
  • Data Quality Control
  • Seamless Synchronization of Data
  • Data Sharing on Online Maps
  • Online Dashboard
  • Import/Export of Data
viewworld's drag and drop form builder
mobile data collection android app viewworld

Collect data using Viewworld’s Mobile Data Collection app

Viewworld’s Mobile Data Collection app allows you to easily collect data anywhere, anytime, on any device. The fluent design and seamless user experience makes pen-and-paper data collection a thing of the past.

  • Offline Data Collection - Store data on your local device until connectivity is available.
  • GPS Tracker - Use satellite tracking to pinpoint locations.
  • Media Upload - Add pictures, videos and sound to ensure complete transparency.

Get Real-time results with tailored Visualization platforms

With Viewworld’s Visualization Platforms, organization's entire data handling processes are automated, optimized and bundled into one simple, but extensive solution. Collected data will automatically be fed to a tailored and custom designed visualization platform, providing selective and immediate project insight.

Data Visualization - Viewworld helps organizations improve by utilizing tailored Data Visualization Platforms. learn more

viewworld's easy-to-use chart builder
The Viewworld approach to gathering, analyzing and visualizing data has been developed in close collaboration with international organizations.

Our clients

In Viewworld we strive to cultivate lasting client relationships by providing great service and always aim to deliver beyond customer expectations. We work tirelessly to provide our clients with the highest quality technology solutions, designed to help them solve critical pains within their organizational processes.

Our extensive experience working with data in humanitarian projects makes Viewworld the preferred partner for many organizations working within humanitarian industries.


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